Sunday, August 18, 2013

Merging, Merging, Merging.....MOVED!

This will be the LAST POST to this blog. Since our every day life for two months will be spent on this trip, those posts will be made on new blog where we are merging all our individual blogs: this one, Fire Lily Base Camp (about our property and future cabin), Sadie's old blog posts and our RVing life blog (which, since we won't be RVing while in Ecuador and we will be downsizing to probably a Class A, will need to change regardless).

Okay, enough babbling! The new blog is named Our Prime Years, I hope you will continue to follow us there as well at Retired in Cuenca. Stop by and drop in a comment!

Still rolling,
Stu and Donna

Thursday, August 15, 2013

All our gear is BOUGHT! Finally!

The last pieces arrived yesterday and today. Stu got his new Engel 30 qt. Dry Box Cooler, he likes everything about it except the missing drain spigot. Oh fits well and holds a lot more than the old one that he lost.

I got a replacement mesh jacket on clearance, $79, and it's three-season with a quilted AND a rain liner. With the liners in, it fits wonderfully. With the liners out it's a bit loose but all the adjustments make it comfortable...and when it's really hot, I'll be wearing my cool vest underneath. It's a Cortech by Tour Master LRX Air Jacket for Women. Pink isn't really the best color to match my custom paint, but it will help me stand out on the road.

With the mesh pants we bought, I needed bigger rain pants and once again, got a great buy on Tour Master Elite II rain pants for $45. They fit perfectly and have the added bonus of heat shields on the insides of the legs to protect them from hot pipes.

I tossed in a nice little helmet lock for $15 and got free shipping on everything.

Oh, wait - we also bought two pairs each of lightweight, quick-dry, spandex exercise shorts. I won't scare you with any pictures. [giggle]

So, things are winding down as we move towards the first of September when we'll finally hit the road!

Still rolling,
Stu and Donna 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Final purchases...well, almost....

With a little over three weeks left before we leave on our trip, we're fine-tuning what we'll take with us. When I toured the country in 2005, I wore all textile gear. More functional and more protective than my leather gear. I overheat easily and found mesh gear (jacket and pants) helped me stay comfortable and protected. The downside is when the weather gets cold or wet, the mesh isn't as good. So I traveled with two sets of paints (one mesh, one with rain & quilted liners) and two different jackets.

Since that time, gear has come a long way. I looked at my old mesh pants, First Gear HT Air Overpants and almost bought us those. Then I found the Tourmaster Flex pants - a great three season pant. It works like my Joe Rocket Alter Ego jacket, with panels that zip off for mesh use and a zip in rain liner and quilted liner. The have CE armor in the knees and hips, and three positions for the knee pads. They also offer the mens version in Short, a bonus for us.


They arrived today and both fit perfectly. These are perfect pants for our trip. In warm weather we will wear bikes shorts underneath and be much more comfortable. On the trip home or in the mountains, we will leave the panels on and even add the quilted liner if needed. Stu managed to get his jeans under his but from experience, I know this can be cumbersome and uncomfortable after a while. Me? Not unless I lose weight. I will bring long underwear/tights for layering, as I did in 2005.

We bought ours through a great company, Fly n Cycle Motorsports. We talked personally with Shawn and got a great deal on the Flex pants from them. I highly recommend them!

The other item was finding a tank bag for me that could do double duty as a purse. I had previously tried a Joe Rocket one but it was too tall and uncomfortable. So I searched the web and I did a lot of analysis in size as well as price. I didn't want it too large or too tall, plus it had to have a handle so I can snatch it off the bike and carry it. I finally settled on this one, it will replace my purse for the trip and be a handy spot for sunglasses, tissues, candy, phone, etc.

It arrived today and I have to say I LOVE it. Stu likes it so much he plans to take it over once I sell my bike in November. Will hold just enough and yet not get in my way when I'm riding. Yes, it covers the pretty artwork on my gas tank, oh well. ;)

The last item we need to get is a replacement cooler for the trailer. Stu is busily working on that. We can easily get the same cooler but it has no drain plug and that is a big negative for Stu. Will keep you updated!

Still riding,
Stu & Donna